FarrerHealth is supported, reviewed and contributed by a multidisciplinary team of specialists, clinicians and allied health professionals at Farrer Park Hospital and Farrer Park Medical Centre. They are:

Principal Physiotherapist at
Dr. Alvin Ng Choon Yong
Consultant Respiratory Physician and Intensivist at
Dr. Jimmy Beng
Medical Director and Consultant Urologist at
Dr. Ong Sea Hing - FarrerHealth
Consultant Cardiologist and Physician at
Dr. Paul Mok Kan Hwei - Farrer Park Hospital
Senior Consultant and Medical Director at
Dr. Peter Chew
Senior Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant at
Dr. Reuben Wong
Associate Professor and Gastroenterologist at
Neuroradiologist & Neurointerventionalist at
Dr. Vina Doshi
Consultant Physician and Geriatric Specialist at
Senior Oral and Maxillofacial Consultant at
Farrer Park Hospital