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Dr. Bernard Kwok and Dr. Loh Ping Tyug

Your Heart and Kidneys are Related

The heart and kidneys are both essential organs of the body that work in conjunction to keep us healthy. It’s no surprise the two share similar risk and causative factors. Check out this article to learn more.

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sudden cardiac arrest-4
Dr. Eric Chong

When Your Heart Suddenly Stops Beating: Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Have you ever wondered why some young people who have led seemingly healthy lifestyles can just collapse in the midst of a workout? It is probably due to sudden cardiac arrest. Learn from our Senior Cardiology Consultant, Dr. Eric Chong, more about the condition and how it can be prevented.

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Brenda Ong

Heart Patients Can Exercise Safely With Cardiac Rehab

Exercise is known for its wealth of health benefits. For those who recently underwent heart surgery, engaging in cardiac rehab – exercises for the heart – can enhance the recovery of their heart function. Our Principal Physiotherapist Brenda Ong shares more.

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cold heart truths explained by science
Dr. Julian Tan Ko Beng

5 Cold Heart Truths Explained by Science

Have you ever met someone special and felt your heart beat so fast you thought it would explode? Or perhaps, ever wondered if it is actually possible for someone to literally die of a broken heart?
Join us as we learn the science behind these myths from cardiologist Dr. Julian Tan.

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